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Shaina, Clean Mutts & Puppy Cuts!

Owner and Stylist, Shaina McCarthy has over 20 years experience working in the pet care industry. Shaina has excelled in her industry because of her attention to detail, an excellent repport with her clients, passion for her line of work, and most importantly because of her love for dogs.

Shaina's started experiencing the grooming field from a young age, as her mother is also a groomer. From the age of 8 and on she would go and care for the animals. Throughout grade school she would work alongside her mother, learning tricks of the trade, dog behavior, and dog psychology.

While in school, every summer, for 9 years she worked as a bather and groomer’s assistant learning how to handle dogs, properly bathe, brush and do minor trimming.

When Shaina graduated high school, she went on to college. While in college she could not find a field she felt she would be as happy in, as she was in the grooming field. It was then that she learned where he passion in life laid - with the dogs.

After college, Shaina moved to bend in 2005 and immediately jumped right back into what she loved to do most- grooming. She worked at 3 grooming shops, but ultimately knew that she wanted to have her own business so that she could guarantee she could care for the dogs in the way she knows is best.

"It shouldn't be all about the money; it should be about the dog and owner, alike, having a pleasant experience. I may never be rich, but I can sleep well at night knowing that I have done the best job I could have done and made the dog and owner, both, feel as comfortable and happy as possible."  —Shaina

Clean Mutts & Puppy Cuts
593 NE Azure Dr. #5
Bend, OR  97701

Tuesday - Saturday: 7:30am - 3:00pm
Open by appointment only
   *closed the last Saturday of every month

Walk-Ins Welcome!
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8am - 12pm Bath Service
8am - 2pm all other walk-in services